Wire Rose Ring

Wire Rose Ring

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I love this rose wire ring! I hope you will love it, too!

Each ring is made of 19 gauge wire, hand wrapped to your specified size. I like to wear mine on my middle finger, but it's pretty on any finger. You can choose from untreated copper wire, 14K gold-filled, 14K rose gold-filled or Argentium silver.

You will find other rose wire rings on Etsy but most are made with a smaller, less sturdy gauge wire. My rings are not fragile, they are feminine and delicate but not fragile. The wire is hand forged, work hardened and tumbled for strength.


Made with a touch of germanium, Argentium® Silver presents a bright white color that is closer to fine silver than traditional sterling, yet is highly resistant to firescale and extremely slow to tarnish under most conditions. It welds flawlessly and is ideal for fusing techniques. All Argentium is made from reclaimed silver and its sources are guaranteed by Argentium International Ltd. Your customers will appreciate the value and convenience of brighter-white sterling silver designs that resist tarnishing and keep on shining.

Also known as rolled gold, gold-filled wire is made by filling a gold tube with a base metal, usually brass. This wire is durable and will easily last a lifetime. Gold-filled is different from gold-plating, in that it easily has ten times the amount of gold in it. The symbol 14/20 means that the outer 1/20th of the wire is 14kt gold. Like solid gold, gold-filled jewelry is tarnish-resistant and safe for most people with sensitive skin. Gold-filled jewelry will not flake or peel and is a beautiful and economical alternative to solid 14k gold.

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